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Welcome to Recrunova, where passion fuels purpose, challenges inspire innovation, and success is a continuous symphony crafted collaboratively. We're not just a workplace; we're a journey led by visionary founders.
At Recrunova, we're dedicated to helping you land your next job, ensuring it aligns with your aspirations. Join us in rewriting success, where creativity echoes in every heartbeat. Welcome to a place where the extraordinary happens daily, and your next move is a carefully orchestrated step toward your future.



Our Story

Born from frustration, Recrunova's founder, Mohamad, cracked the code to landing job offers efficiently. Teaming up with Edrees, the duo brought their success to the US, birthing Recrunova as a beacon in professional opportunities.

Recrunova, our dynamic namesake, derives its inspiration from the celestial term "nova"—an astronomical term used to describe a sudden, temporary increase in the brightness of a star, caused by a thermonuclear explosion in the star's outer shell. It’s also a Latin word meaning “new” or “fresh” and the root behind the word “innovate”. And we believe the recruitment industry needs exactly that! A combination of new, sudden and innovative ways for recruiters and job seekers to maximize their value in the shortest period of time.

The term "nova" serves as a poignant metaphor for our founder, Mohamad's, personal journey. Faced with the challenges of job hunting in Sweden, Mohamad transformed his frustrations into a unique A/B testing approach. Through this methodology, he secured an impressive five job offers in just five months. Then, as he received his merit-based Green Card in 2022, he landed 4 offers under 5 weeks before securing a Senior Product Manager Role at a leading HR and Recruitment Tech firm in California, marking a remarkable success story that echoes the brilliance of a celestial nova.

Meet the NOVAS


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Our Values

Communicate Genuinely:

Partners, not transactions. Daily updates, not just promises. Progress you can touch.

Crystal-Clear Commitment:

No sugarcoating. If it's here, we have it. Your preferences matter, speak up.

Ethical Partnerships:

Trust is our currency. We choose partners wisely, grounded in ethics, transparency, and truth.

Empathy-Driven Solutions:

Know our clients deeply. Tailored services that empower clients to focus on what matters.

Lead with Initiative:

Innovation is our anthem. Take the lead, inspire change. Disrupting an industry starts with us.

Data-Backed Impact:

Our stories are grounded in data. Concrete results, not just words.

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